South Coast Residential Fencing: Vinyl Fencing in New Bedford

South Coast Residential Fencing: Vinyl Fencing in New Bedford

vinyl-fencingBy far one of the most popular choices in modern residential fencing is maintenance-free vinyl. From privacy fencing to picket fencing, custom posts and rails, as well as other custom designs, vinyl has taken the fencing industry by storm and can now be seen used at homes throughout the New Bedford area. There are advantages and disadvantages to just about every type of fencing available, but the long-lasting, great-looking versatility of vinyl fencing shines through to provide homeowners with a nearly worry-free experience.

Strong and Flexible Solutions

One of the biggest advantages to choosing vinyl over other materials is that it is strong and flexible. The strength of maintenance-free vinyl is as much as five times that of wood and other natural materials, so it can stand up to heavy winds, extreme weather, piles of snow and other abusive behavior better than other types of fencing. Of course this makes vinyl fencing a great choice for New England homeowners who face a lot of extreme weather conditions each year.

Another reason why vinyl is such a popular choice in South Coast residential fencing is that it can also stand up to seaside weather conditions which see a good deal of salt water exposure. Homes and properties that are near the bay or ocean can benefit greatly from this very strong and durable material. Even horses or other large domesticated animals cannot chew through maintenance-free vinyl, making it a great choice for lots of different properties and locations throughout the local region.

Many Styles and Designs

In addition to all of the benefits associated with vinyl fencing, such as never needing to be painted or protected, while providing complete coverage from termites and rot, there are also a lot of options available with regard to the look and style of this popular South Coast residential fencing. Choose from a variety of types and designs, heights and widths, styles and textures, all to create a unique look and feel for your property.

All of the maintenance-free vinyl fencing and custom vinyl fencing solutions installed by South East Fence come with a lifetime limited warranty. However, if you ever decide to make any changes and no longer need your vinyl fencing, it can also be recycled to help reduce the impact on the local landfill, making it a very environmentally friendly choice. Privacy, picket or custom posts and rails, vinyl fencing is a great choice for homeowners who do not have a lot of time to spend on maintaining a fence on a regular basis.

Virtually No Maintenance Required

Another advantage – and the reason why we call it maintenance-free vinyl – is that vinyl fencing rarely if ever needs any attention. A general spring cleaning with soap and water to wash away the remnants of winter is all you really need to keep your privacy, picket or custom posts and rails looking shiny and new all year long. No primer is required to protect from rust. No sealing is required to protect from pests. So there are no worries about rotting posts or termite attacks when you use vinyl fencing for your home.

Homeowners who want to eliminate the use of chemicals and reduce their carbon footprint should really consider vinyl fencing. The materials used to create maintenance-free vinyl are non-toxic and the products are not treated with harmful or even hazardous chemicals. The materials can consist of recycled plastic and the fencing can be recycled at the end of its lifespan to help reduce waste on both ends. Vinyl is made from 51 percent chlorine, which comes from salt, and 49 percent hydrocarbons, which come from natural gas.

Professional Installation

Regardless of the type and style of vinyl fencing you choose, it is very easy to install and won’t require a lot of alterations to your property. Hiring a professional installer to put up your South Coast residential fencing in New Bedford or the surrounding area is always a good idea, as it allows for quick and professional results without having to go get all those required permits and insurance yourself. South East Fence will take care of all the details for you and will have your beautiful maintenance-free vinyl installed and looking great in no time!

If you are interested in finding out more about vinyl fencing or the installation of any of our maintenance-free vinyl and custom vinyl fencing or gate options, give us a call at 508-947-4063. Our team of experienced and skilled craftsmen can design and install just about any type of custom vinyl fencing on your residential property to create the look, function and feel you desire. Call us today and see the difference that vinyl fencing can make!

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