Custom Cedar Fencing: Traditional Picket Fence in Fall River

custom-woodThere are many advantages to upgrading or adding a brand new fence. Custom cedar fencing can instantly improve the curb appeal of your home, increase security, add privacy and provide your outdoor living space and property with protection from the elements. Cedar fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts is a popular choice for homeowners. Today’s wide selection of cedar fencing accessories and custom design can update even a traditional picket fence style project, making it look fresh, modern and new.

Before you choose the materials and type of fencing that you want for your home in Fall River, Massachusetts or anywhere else within the New England region, it is important to consider where you live, the type of whether that you will endure, the purpose for installing it and the type of style you want to achieve. While that might seem like a lot of questions to tackle, each one is important in determining the best type of residential fencing for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Location, Location, Location
It’s not enough just to think about what type of fencing will work best based on the fact that you live in the northeastern states. Wind, snow, rain and all kinds of weather are common here and in other parts of the country. Where your home is located, the type of landscaping around you, the closeness of neighbors and other factors all must be considered when designing your own custom cedar fencing.

Working with a contractor who has many years of experience working with cedar fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts can really work to your advantage. There are specific needs and requirements for fencing here that are quite different from other parts of the country. There are certain advantages associated with choosing specific cedar fencing accessories and installation styles that will increase the life of your traditional picket fence or privacy fencing for many years to come.

Even within the New England area there are some pretty drastic differences in the amount of snowfall, wind and weather that are experienced. For example, the amount of snow that you would get in Fall River compared to Boston can be very different and the sea air that you will get if you live down by the coast should definitely be taken into consideration as well.

Why Do You Want a Fence?
The next thing to consider is why you want to upgrade or add new custom cedar fencing to your home. Cedar fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts can be used for a number of reasons. It can be primarily as a property marker to separate your yard from your neighbors or as a way to keep in kids and pets. Traditional picket fence can be used to improve the appearance of a front yard and can also be designed as a taller fence for a backyard.

Privacy is another reason why many people begin to look into custom cedar fencing in Fall River and the surrounding South Coast area. Sometimes it’s nice to be out in your yard to barbecue, to lay out in the sun in your bathing suit, enjoy your pool or entertain friends without feeling like you are on display or out in the open. Cedar fence and cedar fencing accessories are nice and thick, blocking out noise, views and sometimes adding a bit of much-needed shade to a garden or outdoor living space in the process.

Choosing a Style and Design
The next part is where you get to be creative and find a solution that matches the style of your home or suits your own design interests. There are many different styles of custom cedar fencing available today for homeowners to choose from. Cedar fencing in Southeastern Massachusetts has moved beyond a basic white traditional picket fence and has expanded to include interesting post caps, lattice tops, designs, colored sealing and staining, as well as many modern and classic designs and styles.

When you work with a professional fencing company like South East Fence, you have the opportunity to work with some of the best craftsmen in the business who can provide you with truly custom cedar fencing results. Make sure to express all of your wants, needs and reasons for getting a new fence so the representative will be able to meet or exceed your expectations with beautiful and functional cedar fencing for your home.

If you are interested in learning more about all of the 40+ styles and designs of fencing available at South East Fence or if you would like to schedule a visit about our custom cedar fencing and installation services, call 508-947-4063. Our team is happy to help you choose the best type and style of fencing for your home and will walk you through every step of the process to ensure your satisfaction.

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